Color My Soul – Philosophy


Color My Soul®, based in Sonoma, California, is a clothing company all about color and healing.  The company was founded in 2007 upon one basic premise: if we can heal ourselves, we can heal the planet.  Color is a magical and powerful medium for balancing energy in the body.  In many societies, it is believed that wearing certain colors can help us realign our bodies and spirits with the cosmic energy of the universe, and ultimately, allow us to lead better, healthier lives. With our planet in greater peril than it has ever been, it is crucial that we start healing ourselves. Our environment is just an extension of who we are as individuals. We at Color My Soul® hope that by wearing our organic, sweatshop-free t-shirts, you will be able to harness some amazing colorful energy to help yourself (and the world), improve your life, and inspire your soul!


*A percentage of after-tax revenue will go to help saving the beautiful animals of the planet.